Famous Men Celebrities Who Love Diamonds Makes it More Special

We all are habitual of following our favorite celebrities, their dressing style, having their favorite cuisines, adopting their dressing style and also, strive to copy their unique style. We are just mad about everything they do, wear and can also feel their pain when they go through a bad phase. But recently, we noticed something very unique about our male celebrities who are equally passionate about the diamonds like any common person or a woman feels for diamonds.

Yes, any man can wear diamonds too, any celebrity can afford the diamonds easily but a man celebrity who wear diamonds can get more connected to his female fans.

Here’s a list of men celebrities who just love diamonds:

Arthur Rhodes: You would have forgotten this baseball player, but you can’t forget that sheer brilliance of his sparkling earrings. During a game, he blinded shortstop Omar Vizquel as he was wearing sparkling yet eye-catching ear stones that reflected off his ears.

David Beckham: A stylish soccer icon was just known for his trend-shaping dressing style but everyone has also noticed his affection for a princess cut diamond earrings.

Justin Timberlake: You would know this celebrity for his amazing voice or acting, but he found another way to impress her female fans by carrying excessively high carat diamonds.

Michael Bublé: Catching a celebrity flaunting his relationship signs can be a tricky task. But Michael Bublé let the press people have a glimpse at his diamond engagement ring.

Shaun Rogers: You would have seen men hardly flaunt or show off their diamonds as fervently as Shaun Rogers dared to do that. Not only a ring or a pair of earring, Shaun flaunted his bracelet and necklace.

Jamie Foxx: Like most of the men, Jammie Foxx preferred to wear just a big shiny diamond ear stud. Basically, he is known for his touching portrayal of Ray Charles.

This small list of celebrities contains each & every name of people who have flaunted their diamond love in public. However, diamond is no longer a gender-biased ornament as men are giving the equal competition to women feeling fond for the diamonds.

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