Jackie Collins’ Diamond Auction Includes Her 6.04-Carat Diamond Ring

The dazzling diamond jewelry pieces of the late classical author Jackie Collins, who was one of the top-selling romance novelists in the world, are up to be auctioned on May 16 and 17 in Los Angeles, California. On that day there will be more than 1,000 glittering jewelry pieces but Collins’ jewelry are drawing the most attention.

Jackie Collins, who was said to have lived several of the adventures she penned nearly in her 32 romance novels, was a close admirer of diamond jewelry.

Let’s take a close look at many of jewelry pieces of Jackie Collins.

Jackie Collins Diamond Jewelry
Image via The Jewellery Editor

A Pair of Diamond & Emerald Ear Clips

This exquisite pair of ear clips has an oval cabochon emerald placed in the center, which is cornered by diamonds. Adding to it, the earring consists of numerous more types of diamonds. In detail, there are 2 French, 4 baguette, 10 marquise, 34 round, 224 round and 80 small diamonds weighing 17.65 carat in total. The price for this out of the ordinary item is estimated nearly $8000-$12,000.

Platinum Flamme Brooches

Three diamond brooches made of platinum come from the private collection of Jackie Collins. The sparkling brooches are set with round captivating and baguette cut diamonds. But there’s one broche which is only set with baguette cut diamonds. The estimated total diamond weight is 26.70 carats and its price should be nearly $15,000 – $20,000 USD.

Diamond and Emerald Bracelet

What not this Art Deco style bracelet is made of – diamonds, emeralds and platinum. It’s purely a true statement bracelet one can ever own, and Jackie Collins was a fortunate one. The whole bracelet is made of baguette, half-moon, trapezoid, old European and single cut diamonds. All these shapes are set in a geometric pattern while the square caliber emeralds unleash a hint of green. This bracelet is priced around $15,000 – $25,000 and its estimated total weight is 25-carat.

Black Onyx and Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Set with an oval cut diamond in the center a great novelist named Jackie ever lived had her Art Deco diamond bracelet, which is supposedly one of her timeless pieces. This bracelet is adorned with a black onyx line that’s surrounded with diamonds. The center oval cut diamond weights nearly 2.85-carats while the remaining diamonds that’s set surrounded to the onyx weights 3.90 carats. The approximated price is $7000-$9000 USD.

Grand Necklace with Diamonds and Emeralds

This phenomenal necklace features different shapes of diamonds and emeralds that blends well with the diamond emerald statement. A beautiful diamond, emerald, stone and platinum necklace, estimated around $40,000 – $60,000 always made Jackie Collins the center of attraction. Its estimated weight is 44-carats.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Jackie Collins’ pear shaped diamond ring weighing a total of 6.04-carats will be up for auction as well. This ring is tapered by baguette cut diamonds on the shoulders weighing around 1 carat, and the material of this ring is platinum. This stunning comes with a price of $100,000 – $150,000 USD.


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