How to Spot a Quality & Fake Diamond before you Buy

Diamond is believed to have the divine powers which make everyone feel fascinated with its spark. Everyone knows that a diamond is a woman’s best friend and you would have seen their obsession with these glimmering gems.

A diamond always symbolizes strength to many people. Most of the people use the strength of diamonds as a way to express your deep love. Most of the designer create an amazing jewelry collection which is undoubtedly incomplete without a solitaire. Now, every individual prefers to buy at least one diamond neck piece or a diamond ring.

Pear Diamond Sampe from Podicko Diamonds

But without a doubt, having an eye to identifying the fake and quality diamonds is a must otherwise, you may face an expensive loss. Since these are the most precious possession for a woman, so it important to be alert while purchasing them.

Here’s some useful information about the diamonds so that you can determine the quality and fake ones before buying one.

  • According to the experts, you must have a diamond tester to check the authenticity of a diamond. Check all types of diamonds for determining a diamond’s grade and authenticity.
  • A weighing test is recommended to check the real diamonds and identify the fake ones. A cubic zirconia is the best example of the fake diamond which looks almost 50% like a real diamond with the same size and shape.
  • Consider a transparency test to differentiate real diamonds and fake ones. Keep a diamond upside down on a newsprint, if you can really see through and read the text easily, then it is definitely not a real diamond.
  • A fog test is helpful to know a real diamond and identifies the fake ones. Put the diamond in front of your mouth and exhale with a force. If the fog remains over it for 2-4 seconds, then it’s not a real diamond. A real diamond disperses heat and clears it up very quickly.
  • You can see the various shades of gray in a real diamond, so if you see rainbow reflections, rest assure this is a fake piece.
  • Usually, fake diamonds sparkle at the top so, always watch the diamonds from a side angle to check its shine. Real diamonds reflect from all sides unlike the fake ones that look dull.
  • Check the diamond’s setting because generally real diamond can’t be set in cheap metals. It requires good quality metal like platinum or real gold.
  • An original diamond reflects blue fluorescence when placed under the UV or black light. The medium to strong blue indicates the best quality original diamond. 

    All these instructions will be very6 useful if you are investing or buying an expensive diamond jewelry or making an investment in diamonds.


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