For the love of diamonds

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On Monday, Daily Post’s daily prompt was glitter so I wrote a post – New Normal – for my other blog in response to the glitter prompt.  This inspired me to look back at our short trip to Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

Coincidentally, it’s already Thursday (it takes time for me to prepare the photos and the post overall) and it’s my Throwback Travel! Yay! I am actually making it this week.

Kimberley Trip

The trip to Kimberley took place in March 2010. We didn’t go there to travel or to tour. I had a fabulous idea and I convinced hubby, who was still only the object of my affection back then, to go along with my plan. After all, it was for him… about him? Well, he had to do it.

Before I met him, hubby played golf here in South Africa as an amateur, with the goal…

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